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Powerful Branding

John’s career is built on history-making examples of strong and effective branding in a global marketplace. The principles he shares with actual marketplace illustrations apply not just to product and service marketing, but even to one’s personal brand.

Change: Today’s New Consumers

In the “high tech” world of today’s Information Age, marketers across all industries need to create “high touch” experiences that connect emotionally with target consumers. The global success of John’s brands has come, in part, from paying attention to human needs while responding to the changing mindsets of rising generations. Real examples vividly illustrate the point.


John is recognized as an innovator in his field – going beyond effective brand-building to establishing an entirely new category within his industry. Crucial to that success has been his readiness to find ways to innovate within vastly different cultures. This presentation inspires innovative thinking that uncovers new solutions.

Presentation Topics

The secret to building successful brands

The excitement – and landmines – of taking consumer brands into new international markets

Social media and the internet have changed everything, but traditional sales and marketing isn’t dead—Hi Tech, Hi Touch

Managing global teams